Vedicts and Settlements

Accident Lawyers in Columbia, Myrtle Beach, Kingstree and Marion, South Carolina

$400,000 Defective Automobile Resulting in Roll-over and Death

Kingstree, SC -- Mr. Whetstone, Ms. Perkins, Mr. Shuler and other attorneys represented a brick layer who was killed when the 16-passenger van he was riding in rolled over because of instability issues in its design.  The wrongful death case was settled against the van manufacturer, based on a

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$400,000 Failure to Timely Treat

Florence, SC – Mr. Fulda obtained a $400,000 settlement on behalf of the estate of a woman who died as a result of her treating surgeon delaying surgery to repair her prosthetic mitral valve.  The patient had been taking Coumadin (a blood thinner) since the implantation of her prosthetic valve

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$400,000 Mismanagement of Labor and Delivery Resulting in Death of Baby

Columbia, SC -- Ms. Perkins represented a young woman against her OB-GYN and OB nurse practitioner who failed to promptly diagnose and respond to maternal preeclampsia, resulting in the death in utero of the plaintiff's first child.  This obstetric malpractice case was resolved pre-suit for $400

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$400,000 Nursing Home Neglect Resulting in Death

Columbia, SC -- Mr. Whetstone represented the estate of an elderly nursing home resident who was not properly monitored, resulting in her death.  Mr. Whetstone was able to establish that the nursing home did not follow its own policies and procedures.  He resolved this nursing home wrongful

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$387,500 Failure to Diagnose Uterine Cancer Resulting in Death

Orangeburg, SC – Ms. Perkins and Mr. Fulda obtained a $387,500 settlement on behalf of the estate of a middle-aged woman who died of Stage IV uterine cancer.  The action was pursued as a Federal Tort Claims Act claim against the United States based on the patient’s inadequate treatment at a

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$375,000 Improper Bandaging of Toddlers Hand Resulting in Disfigurement

Columbia, SC -- Mr. Fulda and Mr. Whetstone were successful in representing a toddler whose hand became permanently deformed after it was wrapped too tightly by an emergency room resident.  The child initially presented to the emergency room because his little finger on the right hand got caught

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$350,000 Failure to Diagnose Small Bowel Injury after Gallbladder Surgery

Mr. Fulda was successful in securing a $350,000 settlement for a patient who suffered an undiagnosed bowel perforation during gallbladder surgery.  The patient later required mulitple, painful surgeries to repair the perforation.

$343,510 Negligent Repairs to Automobile Resulting in Accident and Herniated Disk

Conway, SC -- Mr. Whetstone, Ms. Perkins and others tried this case to verdict against a big box store which failed to tighten lug nuts on a young woman's car after her tires were rotated.  This personal injury case was settled post-verdict for $343,510 to compensate the plaintiff for neck

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$325,406 FAILURE TO TIMELY TREAT DEHYDRATION - RESULT: Verdict for $ 325,406

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Columbia, SC – Mr. Fulda and Mrs. Perkins recently obtained a verdict in the amount of $325,406 on behalf of the Estate of Richard Redd.  Mr. Redd was a 71 year old man who died within 14 hours after being admitted to Palmetto Health Richland hospital in Columbia, South

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$325,406 Failure to Treat Dehydration

Columbia, SC: A Richland County jury awarded a $325,406 verdict to the family of an elderly hospital patient who died of dehydration twelve hours after his hospital admission seeking treatment for stomach flu.  The jury concluded that an on-call cardiologist mid-diagnosed the patient and did not

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