Vedicts and Settlements

Accident Lawyers in Columbia, Myrtle Beach, Kingstree and Marion, South Carolina

$825,000 Mismanagement of Anesthesia Resulting in Paralysis

Our attornerys obtained a settlement of $825,000 in this medical malpractice case.  The plaintiff was a patient who was undergoing knee surgery and came out of surgery paralyzed because of mismanagement of the anesthesia.

$8.15 Million Negligent Design of Seatbelt Resulting in Quadriplegia and Brain Damage

Walterboro, SC -- Mr. Whetstone, with other counsel, represented a young man who was struck by a trailer which broke loose from a truck and crossed the interstate median striking Plaintiff's vehicle.  The impact of the trailer caused the young man's seatbelt to release and he was rendered a

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$800,000 Mismanagement of Labor and Delivery and Improper Use of Forceps Blinding Newborn in One Eye

Conway, SC -- Mr. Whetstone and other attorneys represented an infant who lost the sight of one eye when forceps were used improperly to accomplish his birth.  This birth injury case settled prior to trial for $800,000.

$800,000 Mishandling of Breast Biopsy Slides Resulting in Removal of Healthy Breast

Columbia, SC -- Ms. Perkins pursued a claim against a pathologist for misreading biopsy slides, significantly delaying a diagnosis of breast cancer.  The slides were also mislabeled, causing the patient to lose both breasts. This medical malpractice case was resolved in litigation for $800,000

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$800,000 Defective Automobile Resulting in Roll-over and Death

Kingstree, SC -- Mr. Whetstone, Ms. Perkins, Mr. Shuler and other attorneys represented a brick-mason who was killed when the 16-passenger van he was riding in rolled over because of instability issues in its design.  This wrongful death case was settled against the van manufacturer at mediation

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$765,000 Failure to Diagnose Heart Attack Resulting in Death

Chester, SC -- Mr. Fulda and Ms. Perkins were successful in representing the estate of a 42 year-old husband and father who suffered a fatal heart attack after seeking medical assistance for chest pain/discomfort from three separate medical providers in a 30-day period.  Mr. Fulda and Ms.

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$750,000 Bad Faith Insurance Practices

Kingstree, SC -- Ms. Perkins and Mr. Whetstone, with other counsel, recovered $750,000 for the estate of a brick-mason killed in a car accident based on bad faith insurance practices.  The at-fault driver was underinsured but the decedent's own underinsured carrier refused to step in and resolve

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$750,000 Negligent Failure to Diagnose Breast Cancer Resulting in Death

Columbia, SC -- Ms. Perkins pursued a claim against the United States under the Federal Tort Claims Act because a government pathologist misread slides, significantly delaying a diagnosis of breast cancer.  The patient died as a result, and the claim was pursued by her surviving adult children

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Charles Whetstone prevailed in an action on behalf of a Dish Network customer. Plaintiff had a 24-month contract with Dish Network when Dish wrongly disconnected his service. The service was re-connected within several hours after discovery of Dish’s error. However, Dish demanded from Plaintiff

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$731,000 Perforation During Gynecological Surgery Resulting in Death

Mr. Fulda and Mr. Whetstone represented the estate of a married nurse who died after her small bowel was cut by an OB-GYN during surgery to remove her ovaries and fallopian tubes.  Mr. Fulda and Mr. Whetstone were able to show that the OB-GYN and nursing staff failed to recognize signs and

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