Vedicts and Settlements

Accident Lawyers in Columbia, Myrtle Beach, Kingstree and Marion, South Carolina

$1.5 Million Tractor Trailer Accident Resulting in Death

Orangeburg, SC -- Ms. Perkins and co-counsel represented the wife of a man killed in a head-on collision between the tractor trailer he was driving and another tractor trailer.  Even though the defendant truck-driver had counter-sued claiming the deceased driver was at fault, our attorneys were

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$1.2 Million Delivery Truck Accident Involving Brain Injury to a Minor

Greenville, SC -- Ms. Perkins obtained a settlement of $1.2 million for a minor who suffered brain injury in a motor vehicle crash.  The negligence action involved negligent hiring of a driver and negligent operation of the delivery truck that caused the crash.

$1.2 Million Failure to Diagnose Cancer Resulting in Death

Columbia, SC -- Mr. Fulda represented the estate of an army veteran treated at Moncrief Army Hospital who died from nasopharyngeal cancer.  Government and private medical providers failed to timely diagnose the nasopharyngeal lesion, allowing it to evolve into a metastatic cancer.  This wrongful

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$1.025 Million Tractor Trailer Crash Resulting in Miscarriage and Brain Injury to Young Adult

Greenville, SC -- Ms. Perkins represented a young woman who was a passenger in a car that had pulled into a gas station to get fuel.  A tractor trailer driver fell asleep and drove over the top of the parked car.  The young woman had a miscarriage and suffered moderate to severe brain injury.  

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$1.005 Million Failure to Diagnose Heart Attack in 33-year Old Woman Resulting in Death

Spartanburg, SC -- Ms. Perkins represented the family of a young woman who died when her heart condition went undiagnosed after symptoms were ignored and tests were misinterpreted.  The case resulted in a combined settlement against multiple defendants in this medical malpractice wrongful death

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$1 Million Terminal Cancer Patient Denied Pain Medicine Due to Theft

Lexington, SC -- A settlement of $1 Million has been reached on behalf of the family of a man with terminal pancreatic cancer who was denied hundreds of doses of pain meds due to theft by an employee at this care facility. Earlier this year a former employee also pleaded guilty to multiple

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$1 Million Tractor Trailer Accident Resulting in Death

Anderson, SC -- Ms. Perkins along with co-counsel sought a judgment against a trucking company after a college student died when his disabled vehicle was struck at night on I-85 by a tractor trailer and burned with him inside it.  This tractor trailer case was settled shortly before trial for $1

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$995,000 Tractor Trailer Accident Resulting in Catastrophic Injuries

Ms. Perkins resolved this trucking case against a tractor trailer company for $995,000.  The plaintiff was a young man who suffered devastating injuries, including brain injury, when his car was struck by a truck driver who was driving in a reckless manner.  Ms. Perkins was able to obtain

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$950,000 Compartment Syndrome - Settlement of $950,000

Whetstone, Perkins & Fulda recently settled a medical malpractice case for $950,000 for a young mechanic who required a below the knee amputation after physicians in the emergency room failed to diagnose a compartment syndrome.  The young man suffered a leg injury after a single car accident

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$950,000 Negligent Design of Automobile Resulting in Quadriplegia in Rollover Accident

Anderson, SC -- Mr. Whetstone and Ms. Perkins pursued this products liability claim alleging defective design of an SUV.  The driver suffered spinal cord injuries with quadriplegia when her car rolled over in a minor collision and the roof crushed in on her.  The case was settled shortly prior

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