Vedicts and Settlements

Accident Lawyers in Columbia, Myrtle Beach, Kingstree and Marion, South Carolina

$3.5 Million Improper use of Cervical Ripening Agent Causing Uterine Rupture and Brain Damage

Spartanburg, SC – Ms. Perkins represented a mother and her young baby girl with cerebral palsy against the OB-GYN who improperly used a drug against manufacturer’s warnings in an attempt to speed up a vaginal birth after a prior c-section delivery.  The drug overstimulated the uterus and caused

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$3,500,000 Tractor Trailer Accident Resulting in Death

Columbia, SC -- Ms. Perkins represented a gentleman who was killed when a tanker truck changed lanes without warning and struck his car.  The tanker left the scene of the accident but the police investigation established that the defendant tanker company was at fault.  Ms. Perkins was able to

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$3.006 Million Failure to Provide Follow-up Treatment for Cancer Resulting in Death

Spartanburg, SC -- Ms. Perkins represented the family of a young husband and father who died when the Veterans Administration failed to provide required follow-up colonoscopies that would have detected a second primary cancer.  The young veteran's cancer was terminal when the testing was finally

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$2 Million Tractor Trailer Veers and Strikes Motorcycle

Columbia, SC -- Mrs. Perkins, Mr. Whetstone, and Mr. Fulda represented a gentleman who suffered severe injuries including a subdural hemorrhage, loss of consciousness, and a non-displaced radial neck fracture after a tractor trailer veered into his lane and struck him while he was driving his

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$1.82 million Improper Design of Baseball Bat Resulting in Brain Damage to Adolescent

Greenwood, SC -- Mr. Whetstone, with other counsel, represented a young man who received brain damage when he was struck in the head by a batted baseball.  The bat, when inspected, had been manufactured to avoid regulations regarding exit speed.  The manufacturing modification created a

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$1.7 Million Death following Outpatient Cardiac Catheterization

Columbia, SC -- Mr. Fulda, Mrs. Perkins, and Mr. Whetstone represented the estate of a women who ultimately died after undergoing an outpatient cardiac catheterization.  The catheterization was inappropriately performed at an outpatient clinic that was not set-up or staffed to handle certain

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$1.596 Million Improper Use of Vacuum Extractor During Delivery Resulting in Catastrophic Birth Injury and Death

Rock Hill, SC -- Our attorneys tried this case involving a catastrophically injured infant to verdict before a jury.  The baby died at age three before the case came to trial and the case proceeded as a wrongful death claim.  During delivery the baby suffered severe bleeding beneath the scalp

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$1.55 Million Negligence by Road Contractor Resulting in Car Crash and Paraplegia

Chester, SC -- Ms. Perkins successfully pursued a case against a road contractor for negligence in failing to finish a road properly. Because of the contractor's negligence, a young woman lost control and was involved in a roll-over accident that left her paralyzed.  This catastrophic injury

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$ 1.5 Million Negligent Failure to Diagnose Pulmonary Embolism

Columbia, SC -- Ms. Perkins resolved this wrongful death case for $1.5 million paid to the wife and children of a deceased cardiac patient.  The patient died after he sought treatment a number of times, but was never diagnosed with the pulmonary embolism that killed him.

$1.5 Million Bad Faith Insurance

Mr. Whetstone pursued a bad faith insurance claim against a national insurance company who had issued an individual disability policy to a practicing professional in South Carolina.  The individual became disabled and the insurance company refused to pay.  This bad faith insurance claim was

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