Death following Outpatient Cardiac Catheterization

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Medical Malpractice

Columbia, SC -- Mr. Fulda, Mrs. Perkins, and Mr. Whetstone represented the estate of a women who ultimately died after undergoing an outpatient cardiac catheterization.  The catheterization was inappropriately performed at an outpatient clinic that was not set-up or staffed to handle certain emergencies.  The patient went into respiratory failure and shock during and immediately after the catheterization procedure, and the present medical staff was unable to timely intubate and get oxygen to the patient.  EMS had to be called to transport the patient to a local emergency room, where it was later determined that she suffered an anoxic brain injury.  She died approximately a year later due to complications from the anoxic brain injury.  This case was thoroughly litigated by Mr. Fulda and resulted in a $1,700,000 settlement prior to trial.