Tractor Trailer Accident

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Tractor Trailer Backed into Intersection Resulting in Death of Another Driver

Georgetown, SC –  The victim died of thermal injuries sustained in the crash when his tractor-trailer came over a hill and collided with another tractor-trailer that had backed up into the intersection. Physical evidence, testimony and a post-collision urinalysis revealed the driver operated the vehicle "with reckless disregard for the safety of others."

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Tractor Trailer Passed Stopped School Bus Resulting in Death of Child

Orangeburg, SC – Ms. Perkins and Mr. Whetstone, with co-counsel, tried this tragic case in front of a jury for several days before a settlement of $4.5 million was reached in this tractor trailer case.  They pursued wrongful death and other claims against a trucking company and the truck driver who had passed a stopped school bus and struck and killed a 9 year-old child.  They were able to show not only that the truck driver violated state laws by passing in violation of the school bus stop arm, but that the truck was speeding. 

Tractor Trailer Crash Resulting in Miscarriage and Brain Injury to Young Adult

Greenville, SC -- Ms. Perkins represented a young woman who was a passenger in a car that had pulled into a gas station to get fuel.  A tractor trailer driver fell asleep and drove over the top of the parked car.  The young woman had a miscarriage and suffered moderate to severe brain injury.   The case was settled during litigation for $1.025 million, an amount exceeding the full insurance coverage carried by the trucking company.

Tractor Trailer Accident Resulting in Orthopedic Injuries

Greenville, SC -- Ms. Perkins represented a young man who was struck while riding a motorcycle by a tractor trailer that ran a stop light and kept going.  She was able to establish through discovery that the defendant trucking company was responsible.  This tractor trailer case resolved after multiple sanctions hearings regarding discovery abuse and destroyed documents.  The young man received $325,000 for orthopedic injuries to his ankle through the settlement of this tractor trailer case.

Tractor Trailer Accident Resulting in Death

Columbia, SC -- Ms. Perkins represented a gentleman who was killed when a tanker truck changed lanes without warning and struck his car.  The tanker left the scene of the accident but the police investigation established that the defendant tanker company was at fault.  Ms. Perkins was able to recover wrongful death damages by way of settlement of this tractor trailer case of $350,000 for the victim's sister and cousin, who were his only surviving relatives.