Medical Malpractice

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Failure to Provide Follow-up Treatment for Cancer Resulting in Death

Spartanburg, SC -- Ms. Perkins represented the family of a young husband and father who died when the Veterans Administration failed to provide required follow-up colonoscopies that would have detected a second primary cancer.  The young veteran's cancer was terminal when the testing was finally scheduled.  Our attorneys tried this wrongful death case before a federal judge and obtained an award of $3.006 million that was upheld on appeal.  See Hord v. U. S.

Failure to Monitor Positioning During Back Surgery Resulting in Blindness

Charleston, SC -- Mr. Fulda was successful in representing a twelve year-old girl who lost eyesight in her right eye after a spinal surgery for scoliosis.  He was able to show that the young girl lost her eyesight because of excessive pressure to her eye during the surgery.   He was further able to show that had the positioning of the child's head during the surgery been properly monitored, there would not have been excessive pressure and the blindness would not have occurred.