Medical Malpractice

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Terminal Breast Cancer Patient Misdiagnosed By Doctor

Charleston, SC: $ 6.9 million verdict. Mr. Fulda, Mrs. Perkins and Mr. Whetstone tried a medical malpractice case involving the failure of a radiologist to recognize and ultimately diagnose breast cancer on a mammogram. After a trial that lasted almost two weeks, a Charleston County jury awarded the patient and her husband a $ 6.9 million dollar verdict. The delay in diagnosis allowed the otherwise treatable cancer to spread and metastasize to other parts of the patient's body. The Plaintiff now has a terminal diagnosis.

Perforation During Gynecological Surgery Resulting in Death

Mr. Fulda and Mr. Whetstone represented the estate of a married nurse who died after her small bowel was cut by an OB-GYN during surgery to remove her ovaries and fallopian tubes.  Mr. Fulda and Mr. Whetstone were able to show that the OB-GYN and nursing staff failed to recognize signs and symptoms of a bowel perforation and take appropriate action to correct the injury.  This medical malpractice wrongful death case was resolved shortly before trial for $731,000.

Negligent Failure to Diagnose Breast Cancer Resulting in Death

Columbia, SC -- Ms. Perkins pursued a claim against the United States under the Federal Tort Claims Act because a government pathologist misread slides, significantly delaying a diagnosis of breast cancer.  The patient died as a result, and the claim was pursued by her surviving adult children following her death.  The medical malpractice wrongful death case was resolved in litigation for $750,000.