Defective Product

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Negligent Design of Seatbelt Resulting in Quadriplegia and Brain Damage

Walterboro, SC -- Mr. Whetstone, with other counsel, represented a young man who was struck by a trailer which broke loose from a truck and crossed the interstate median striking Plaintiff's vehicle.  The impact of the trailer caused the young man's seatbelt to release and he was rendered a quadriplegic as a result of his injuries. The case was settled against the car company, based on negligent seatbelt design, for $8.15 million, shortly prior to trial.

Negligent Design of Automobile Resulting in Quadriplegia in Rollover Accident

Anderson, SC -- Mr. Whetstone and Ms. Perkins pursued this products liability claim alleging defective design of an SUV.  The driver suffered spinal cord injuries with quadriplegia when her car rolled over in a minor collision and the roof crushed in on her.  The case was settled shortly prior to trial for $950,000 despite a vigorous defense.

Improper Design of Baseball Bat Resulting in Brain Damage to Adolescent

Greenwood, SC -- Mr. Whetstone, with other counsel, represented a young man who received brain damage when he was struck in the head by a batted baseball.  The bat, when inspected, had been manufactured to avoid regulations regarding exit speed.  The manufacturing modification created a trampoline effect and caused the ball to exit the bat at a speed beyond that approved for the bat. This product defect case was settled prior to trial for $1.82 million.