Can I Sue the Bar that Over-Served the Drunk Driver?

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Dram shop laws in South Carolina

Drunk drivers kill and injure an alarming number of people every year. Even if the drunk driver who caused the accident is held criminally responsible, do you have options for holding the bar, restaurant or other establishment responsible for over-serving the driver? In South Carolina and most other states, the answer is yes.

"Dram shop laws" derive their name from the term for purveyors of liquor in generations past. If a bar, restaurant or other establishment over-serves someone, or serves any alcohol to an underage person, that establishment can be held liable for injuries or death resulting from a car crash caused by the intoxicated person.

There's nothing any of us can do to stop a person from buying a bunch of beer or other alcohol at a liquor store, taking it home, drinking it and then getting behind the wheel. But patrons at a restaurant or bar can be stopped from over-consuming, particularly when they are visibly drunk or when they have had so many drinks that any reasonable person would assume they are intoxicated.

At Whetstone Perkins & Fulda, our experienced attorneys have an extensive understanding of bar and restaurant liability for drunk driving accidents. We will review all available documentation, witness statements, video footage and other evidence as part of building a case showing the establishment over-served. These types of claims have been increasing in recent years, as juries and legislators begin to recognize the injustice of an injury or death caused by a driver who was over-served.

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