Vedicts and Settlements

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$30 Million Class Action to Recover for Miscalculations of Retirement Benefits

Anderson, SC -- Ms. Perkins and Mr. Whetstone with other attorneys pursued this ERISA class action retirement case on behalf of thousands of current and retired employees alleging miscalculation of retirement benefits.  The $30 million class action settlement came at the end of more than five

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$24.5 Million Price Fixing with Regard to Workers Compensation Insurance Premiums

Greenville, SC -- Ms. Perkins, Mr. Whetstone and other counsel, represented the South Carolina Attorney General in this case, which was an action brought on behalf of employers in South Carolina involving Worker's Compensation Insurance.  The claim was for recoupment of losses sustained by

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$16.02 Million Prescription Drug Misfill by Pharmacy Resulting in Coma and Brain Injury to Child

Rock Hill, SC -- Our attorneys tried this pharmacy misfill case in front of a jury to receive an award of $15 million actual and punitive damages for a brain-injured child and $1.02 million for her parents.  The young child was given a diabetic medication instead of the Ritalin she was supposed

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$8.5 Million Illegal Plant Closings in Violation of WARN Act

New York, NY -- Ms. Perkins, along with several other South Carolina and North Carolina law firms, brought this class action in the wake of a mass plant shutdown by Outboard Marine Corporation.  The action alleged workers did not receive the notice of shutdown required by federal law and was

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$8 Million Negligent Road Construction Resulting in Car Crash and Quadriplegia

Winnsboro, SC -- Ms Perkins represented a star athlete's life whose was changed forever when his car crashed on a country road abandoned by a road crew during a summer thunderstorm.  An $8 million settlement was secured from the road contractor who left a roadway it was working on coated with

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$6.9 Million Dollar Verdict - Failure to Diagnose Breast Cancer
Charleston, SC: $ 6.9 million verdict. Mr. Fulda, Mrs. Perkins and Mr. Whetstone tried a medical malpractice case involving the failure of a radiologist to recognize and ultimately diagnose breast cancer on a mammogram. After a trial that lasted almost two weeks, a Charleston County jury awarded Read More
$4.5 Million Failure to Diagnose Aneurism Resulting in Persistent Vegetative State

This case resolved through a settlement of $4.5 million shortly before trial.  The case involved a young father who repeatedly sought medical care for atypical, excruciating headaches but was never diagnosed with the aneurism that finally bled massively into his brain.  He was left unable to

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$4.5 Million Tractor Trailer Passed Stopped School Bus Resulting in Death of Child

Orangeburg, SC – Ms. Perkins and Mr. Whetstone, with co-counsel, tried this tragic case in front of a jury for several days before a settlement of $4.5 million was reached in this tractor trailer case.  They pursued wrongful death and other claims against a trucking company and the truck driver

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$3,500,000 Tractor Trailer Accident Resulting in Death

Columbia, SC -- Ms. Perkins represented a gentleman who was killed when a tanker truck changed lanes without warning and struck his car.  The tanker left the scene of the accident but the police investigation established that the defendant tanker company was at fault.  Ms. Perkins was able to

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$3.5 Million Improper use of Cervical Ripening Agent Causing Uterine Rupture and Brain Damage

Spartanburg, SC – Ms. Perkins represented a mother and her young baby girl with cerebral palsy against the OB-GYN who improperly used a drug against manufacturer’s warnings in an attempt to speed up a vaginal birth after a prior c-section delivery.  The drug overstimulated the uterus and caused

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